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Write Your Story: One of the best ways to heal

I just finished Brandi Carlile's memoir Broken Horses and I loved it. It's well written, a bit dramatic (like her) and full of very human stories. I listened to it though my local library's audiobook program which was incredible because she sings in between chapters like any musician would. At the end she says to her audience, "Write your story. Even if you're young," and I 100% agree.

Writing my own story was therapeutic. I had to face how I'd become me, flushing out my wounds and failures thus far, and then figure out how to share it all in a well put together outfit. I did it one moment at a time. Each little sliver of my imagination woven together tatteredly at first, then edit after edit finding the threads that traveled from one end of my life to the other.

If I can do it, you can do it. Just start. It only takes a breath. Write one of your stories. Then another. You don't have to have a major plan or a publishing deal. Just start with some words on a paper and see what you find.

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