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Love Well

​Through her collection of autobiographical short stories, author Brandi K. Harris paints a fragmented portrait of an ordinary person being loved in extraordinary ways. By finding her voice and telling us her story, Harris clears the path for others to reflect and do the same. 


"If you've ever wanted to find the courage to face your own story, this might be a good place to look."

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

Dolly Parton

"So much of life happens without us recognizing its significance. Most of the time, it's just life. And many of the things we think should mean something end up floating on down the river. 

As more of life happens, the big picture focuses differently than it did at thirty-two years old or twenty-two or twelve. What I can see from this further view is the weaving of a story way bigger than I knew I was in. 

Love Well shares those parts of my story that reveal some of that big picture. My goal in writing it was to be real with myself, to allow myself the space to reflect and recognize that larger picture at hand.

There has been power and healing found in learning and telling my story thus far. I hope in reading it, you find the empathy and courage you need to begin sorting through and sharing your own. Because as Dolly Parton says, we should figure out who we are and be intentional in that."


- Brandi K. Harris

"I love the flow of the collection of short stories, makes for an easy read that keeps pulling you in. Brandi is funny, humble, and witty. Such a fun read!"

Love Well

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