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"The creative mind plays with the object it loves."

– Carl Jung


Dolly Parton told us to find out who we are and do it on purpose.


In a world that demands extremes,

it's hard to find the freedom to discover and create. 


This is a safe place to begin. Whether you're pondering life or looking for inspiration, I'm offering you a curious pile of options.

— Brandi K. Harris, MS, LPC & LMFT

From sex ed to self-worth, Brandi can support your learning & healing. Choose your topic to explore the resources:



Grace for Parents

Brandi's personal experience with parenting as a professional therapist is both humorous and informational as she inspires parents to figure out what works. This is a story of a real person raising real kids; it's about the grace it takes to be a good parent.

Personal Narrative

Love Well

Through her collection of autobiographical short stories, author Brandi K. Harris paints a fragmented portrait of an ordinary person being loved in extraordinary ways. By finding her voice and telling us her story, Harris clears the path for others to reflect and do the same.


The Truth About
Holy Sex

The mixed messages and inaccurate information perpetuated in Christianity about sexuality are confusing and often harmful. This workbook is designed to share the truth and to help those who love Jesus learn to love holy sex. 

Online course to support you & your kids:


This course is designed to offer sex education to parents wanting to launch their kids into healthy lives. In a world of diversity and confusion, we want our children to feel confident and competent as they navigate life's choices. Since you love your child more than anyone else does, I want you to be their primary teacher and guide, rather than the larger culture. This course, drawing from research-based science and factual data, will offer accurate, no-shame information and practical methods for teaching and supporting your children to develop healthy sexuality and connections.

Podcast Appearances

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Episode 17 - Interview with Brandi K Harris

Marriage & Family Therapist - Brandi K. Harris - The Truth About Holy Sex (S03E04)

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 4.07.12 PM.png

Episode 70 - Healthy 


S07 E05 - Healthy and Holy Sexuality (Ft. Brandi K. Harris)
Let's Talk About Sex Baby... Holy Sex

Cultivate | Sex & Sexuality


Navigating Arousal, the Science of Sexual Desire, and more! with Brandi K. Harris


Brandi K. Harris, MS, LPC & LMFT has taught for various professional conferences, classes, churches, and retreats. Her professional work includes emotional health, psychotherapy, human development, parenting, and literary discussion.

If you're looking for a dynamic, well-prepared speaker, she's your girl. See her above, teaching Pete Scazzero's Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, recorded by Mosaic Church at Fellowship Northwest Arkansas.

For your speaking gig, contact her below.

Find a list of her speaking topics here.

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