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Who are you? Have you figured it out yet? Did you think you knew, but now... not so sure?

By the time they hit adulthood, most humans expect themselves to know who they are and yet many find themselves wandering. They have trouble making sense of all the events that have happened and wonder what they're supposed to do with it all. This can leave you feeling purposeless and sometimes a bit depressed.


Brandi teaches regularly on mental and emotional health. Personally, she's an artist, a mom of 3 kids, a wife, a friend, and a follower of Jesus. As a human who regularly asks herself, "What is the point?" Brandi wants people to feel purposeful and full of peace when they consider the events of their lives.

If you are ready to start sorting through your life, you first have to get honest with yourself. There is great power in being boldly curious about your own history. It's important to investigate the messages you've absorbed and to make a conscious choice about how you want each of those to influence your future.


If you'd like help along the journey, Love Well is a great place to start. As a counselor, Brandi has explored her own stories to develop a comprehensive narrative for her life. Her raw authenticity and honesty are both inspiring and validating for the average human.


Brandi also offers in-person teaching for those looking to process their narratives in a group setting.

Love Well & The Role of Narrative Therapy


​Through her collection of autobiographical short stories, author Brandi K. Harris paints a fragmented portrait of an ordinary person being loved in extraordinary ways. By finding her voice and telling us her story, Brandi clears the path for others to reflect and do the same. 

There is power and healing found in learning and telling your story. This book employs the use of narrative therapy as a way to inspire others to explore their own narrative and discover the healing nature of reflection and story for themselves.

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