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Having been swindled enough times, I deeply mistrust salesmen. So when I'm looking to do some yard work and you tell me a $45 rake is better than a $15 rake, I'm going to look at you sideways and start sniffing for the bullshit. Surely the cheap one will work just as well. But my husband will say things like, "You either pay now or pay later," and "You get what you pay for." Regrettably I've had to learn he's usually right about that. The cheap rake usually breaks on my second pass down the lawn. It doesn't really save me money (nor the headache) in the long run.

Why can't we learn that lesson as a society? Don't we have enough evidence by now to see that preventative medicine could save us a fortune in both money AND headaches? I think I could guarantee that even $500 in pre-marriage counseling could save you $10,000 in marital therapy. And a couple thousand worth of vision, dental, antibiotics, and physical therapy would save us gazillions in public debt caring for half-dead, starved, contagious, self-medicating wretched souls. Come on people. Even if you can't get yourself to vote with compassion, vote with some foresight.

Unsplash: Alex Kolodziej

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