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Pay for Life

One of the best financial decisions I've ever made was to pay someone to do the terrible parts of being a small business owner. I say terrible because I hated those parts of my job and it made me want to pull my hair out. I say terrible because I had no idea how to do them well or efficiently. I say terrible, but that girl I paid LOVED the work.

It hurt for a second when I doled out her paycheck. And then it felt GLORIOUS because I was free!!! Free to do the parts of my job that I love and am good at. Free to enjoy my evenings instead of beating my head against a wall trying to figure something out I wasn't trained to do. I didn't see it as paying someone to do what I could have done. I saw it as paying for LIFE.

And I'm at that place again. As much as I like to try things on my own, I no longer see a point in re-inventing the wheel. I've run into some barriers because I didn't go to business school, get a marketing degree, or ever learn how to code. I'm a little stuck between having great ideas and reaching people who need them. So I'm interviewing now—anyone want to help me with the nuances of business management and marketing? Send me some referrals!

Unsplash photo cred: KAL VISUALS

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