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Where there is fruitful life, abundance spills into the world around. One kind person begets another. I met just such a kind person the other day and felt immediately honored to spend time with him. Mr. Kieran Johnson (The Generosity Guy) invited me for a chat on The Generosity Podcast.

We spent a good hour talking through many of the ways grace and kindness are flushed through our lives. How generosity affects our selves, our children, our spouses, and our finances. He was an excellent listener and an insightful interviewer. His questions and responses were keen. I so appreciated his humility and gentleness as he asked about my personal life and shared some of his own.

I finished the interview feeling uplifted and full of joy. Cheers to him and to all those who will benefit from his efforts. Give us a listen for a moment to remember there are good people doing good work in the world.

Unsplash photo cred: Carles Rabada

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