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Maintenance + Routines

My family life is definitely a circus. With two and a half teens, two vibrant careers, two groups of extended families, a communal living style and several really fun hobbies, our household runs on high octane. We get a lot done.

But we also know how to rest. Every member of our family practices Sabbath (on different days), on which very little is expected of us. We have a giant porch that gets a lot of sitting and a super cool dog that just loves to be with us, even when we're doing nothing.

We didn't get this way in a day. It all happened slowly by routines set in place to keep us from having to think too hard—namely working together and depending on others. We coordinate with the neighbors and our family on rides, chores, and our shared bulk coffee order. My husband and I regularly assess the balance of our activity and rest at our weekly marriage staff meeting. We make adjustments often and have to repent when we get too busy. Every Sunday afternoon we check in on all the family things, including the state of our marriage. We table agenda items we can't fix right away and we come back over and over to the progress of our shared life goals.

What routines could help you regulate the daily grind, making more room to breathe?

Unsplash Photo: Tom Brunberg

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