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Hello Blog. I've been avoiding you. You just take work. Like, I have to sit down and think. You take energy. Energy that I could spend scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or Netflix. It's really not that I don't have the energy. It's not that you're not important. It's actually laziness. I'm not scared of you. I'm not unsure of what to do. I just haven't been doing it.

Most of the time when people fail to do what they know they should do, I assume they are struggling. It's just kinder to assume that. It leaves room for me to support them and encourage them. I don't even really like saying they should be doing something else, because that kind of puts me in a position of judgement.

But what if it's their own standard and conviction? Like, they feel called to be doing something else. Like they want more out of their life than what they're currently reaping? Like they put the "should" in there—not me? Who am I to judge any different?

Sometimes what I really need is for someone to call a spade a spade. Real honesty. Real accountability. Real conviction. Sometimes I just need to hear, "You know what? You're wrong." (That's very different than, "You're bad." or "You're hopelessly messed up.") According to the standards I've set for myself, sometimes I get off track. And the best friends I have will gently call me out on my lack of integrity to my goals. It's the flat out stop I need to look at myself square in the face and make a change for the better.

Unsplash photo cred: Lili Popper

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