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Other than control, what is it that you want to be free from?

And whose hand exactly are you holding to help you escape?

If I'm honest, the thing I most want to be free from is worry. It's the thing that drags me down more than anything else. I worry I will hurt people. I worry I will miss something important. I worry I won't be prepared. I worry I won't have enough. I worry my kids will get hurt.

While I have a few oppressive enemies, I can hold my own most of the time because I know where my peace lies. So I think currently, rather than something external, I am most wanting to be free from myself.

And whose hand am I holding? It's Jesus'. Following His example and promptings are my goals for each day. The biblical Jesus cares for the poor, sets the captives free, opposes the proud, makes space for the excluded, and lays down His life for the ones He loves. He has made a way for me to be set free from the guilt and shame I've felt and sets my feet on level paths when all the world around me is in turmoil. He's really the only reason I don't have to worry.

Unsplash: Mohammad Nohassi

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