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Every year, thirty-seven THOUSAND people around the world walk out their front doors because it's too unsafe for them to stay. That means there are currently twenty-six million refugees on the earth. They leave and can't come back. If they make it to a refugee camp, they stay there for an average of EIGHTEEN YEARS. Eighteen years in a CAMP.

When you go camping (with all your favorite fancy gear), how long do you stay?

Today I attended a training with Canopy NWA, where we learned about the current opportunities to support those who are displaced. I've never joined such a diverse group of fantastic humans. Our commonality was a love of people.

Want to help? The easiest way is to donate. And seriously, we could use that help! But if you're ready for a more personal connection with these beautiful souls, consider joining a Co-Sponser Team. It's not that hard. It might cost you an hour a week. And a small piece of your heart.

Unsplash photo cred: Omer Dnmzz

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