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Third Party Master

Most of us feel controlled in some way by some selfish, unsympathetic authority (our parents? our regulatory board? the IRS?). But on the other hand, we also regularly deal with the consequences of unwise, incomplete self-control. Where can we find refuge from the tendencies of greed, gluttony, and terroristic power?

Life is frustrating and boring when adults won't entertain the curiosity and creativity of children. Yet freedom to self-determine doesn't mean great things for a young toddler who really wants to see the flowers growing in the middle of the interstate. Could there be some respectful collaboration that would be fun and safe if they were to work together to explore the natural world?

How can we find peace, amidst the two poor masters (them and us)? What about a good third party that could intervene and establish justice? Rest? Joyful freedom? If there is, maybe it wouldn't be so terrible to submit to some authorities and maybe we could trust and enjoy our selves just a little bit.

Who could be our good third party master? What would it mean that they were "good?"

Does good mean, "Never causes pain," or "Never values one over others?" Or does it mean, "Values the whole more than the parts?"

If you have found a good third party master, who is it and what makes them good? What does it look like for you to follow your master? What does it look like to peacefully trust your authorities? And joyfully trust your self?

Unsplash: Yong Chuan Tan

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