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When the Authorities Fell

We've now lived through an era that includes a new megachurch pastor or major news icon falling from his tower of power every other week. This has been both a colossal mess to witness and a hopeful revelation of justice as so many of us have personally experienced abuses from above.

But the problem remains… Who is in charge now? And who should be in charge?

I find myself skeptical of all authority figures. What sins have been scrubbed from the record? What old pal's uncle has been bribed to launch that regime? Is anybody really fit for leadership?

Very few are actually ready to be in charge. Very few have the personality required or the competence to move mountains of people. And yet, are those personalities by themselves trustworthy? It would be unfair to expect superhumanity out of new leaders. But what should I be able to expect?

I DO WANT LEADERSHIP, I just want respectable leadership. I don't mind to follow a leader who has earned their position by proven experience, justice, and integrity. I don't mind serving a humble leader. And I don't mind supporting the causes of a transparent, accountable leader, because I know that good leaders have the whole group's best interest at heart.

Unsplash photo cred: Ross tek

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