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The Difference One Hour Can Make

You might ask me why in the world I think I can charge $150+ for an hour of hanging out with me. And you're right to question whether the work we do in here in one hour is worth that. That's a lot of money if you're looking at the other things you can buy for $150. Probably HOURS worth of good entertainment, YEARS worth of wearing a new clothing item, QUITE A FEW decent meals. And you would also be right in assessing that things change only a very small little bit in an hour.

But the question you really need to be asking, is Are those small little bits of change that powerful? I think about it like steering a ship. Just one little turn of the wheel every time you come. You probably can't see the difference right away. (In fact, sometimes it hurts more temporarily). But give us a few miles in this slightly different direction, and see what you think.

Unsplash Photo Cred: Andrew Montgomery

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