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Recently I had an injury that required me to sit still for pretty much a whole week. SIT STILL I'm getting dramatic here, because this is the opposite of my normal life. I like to move. I like to go. I like to get things done. So sitting still for that long really threw me off.

But in the midst of that stillness, a sense of clarity happened. The people around me started to come into focus in a way they never have (or at least in a way I never noticed before, in the midst of my moving). As I was stationary, the only way I could connect with others was for them to come to me. Yes, of course I asked for things I needed, but when you can't get ANYTHING for yourself, you get kind of tired of asking. And someone giving you what you asked for feels very different than someone offering out of their own conscientious volition.

I also noticed the way people drifted in and out of my presence as they were ready to. Some were bold. Some were shy. Some were gentle. Some were scared. Some were happy to find a captive audience. And some seemed just not that interested. I could see them more clearly and could receive them as they were, instead of doing the social work of going to them (thus reflecting more about me, than them). It was powerful for me to realize how good and kind so many people are to care for me, even when I can't do much for them.

Unsplash Photo Cred: Dev Asangbam

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