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There are a lot of beautiful, good things in the world. You might have forgotten if you've spent too much time in the dumpster fire of politics. Or scrolled through too much shame-inducing social media. Or watched too much sensational, catastrophized news.

But there are good things out there. There are even some good things in your life. I dare you to think of 5 right now. And now I want you to slow down and read over your list again, but as you do, I want you to savor each thing. Slow it down, like you would if you had a delicious steak right in front of you.

Smell the aroma of flavor. Hear the sizzle of the juices. Cut slowly, piercing the skin like you have all the time in the world. Put it in your mouth and take your sweet sweet time, like a turtle, to taste every drop of deliciousness. Let yourself smile like a fool at how good it tastes. And as it goes down, let it warm you from the inside out, satisfying your belly, and helping you find rest.

Savor your 5 things LIKE THAT. Let yourself enjoy, for just one minute, the beauty and good in your life, because they are worth savoring and they will help you survive.

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