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Rom-Com Relief

A few months ago a long-time friend invited me over to eat and watch a movie. We chose take-out from the delicious Sushi House. Seriously, if you like sushi, that place is a Northwest Arkansas gold mine. Even if you don't like sushi, I suggest you give it a go—the service is fantastic, they are generous and happy to serve and the food is top notch.

We gobbled it down and then picked a terribly predictable rom-com to devour for dessert. So predictable, in fact, that we kept shouting out the lines we'd never heard before spot-on as the characters would say them. I thought it was hilarious, despite our ridiculousness. Perhaps this doesn't seem like a good evening for you, but for me it was pure relief.

As a counselor, I live in a dark world with really sad people a lot of the time. Most problems don't get solved quickly in my office. I like being there with them and doing that work. I love to see people heal, but a lot of my life is deep in the trenches of pain and confusion. I go through the hard with them so they can get to the peace.

But that means my heart weighs a thousand pounds by the end of the week. And what I really need at that point is to laugh and take a break from the hard. And eat good food. And not have to explain myself to anyone. Or defend my choices. So sushi and rom-coms it is.

Unsplash photo cred: Marcin Osinski

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