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Rec: Sex Resources

If you haven't yet jumped on the bandwagon to get better sex-education than you received from your stinky 5th grade gym teacher, it's time. There are a TON of good resources out there—and good sex is worth having! Here are five of my favorite recs:

  1. The Great Sex Rescue, a book by Sawatsky, Lindenbach, and Gregoire - It just came out and I am LOVING it. Easy to read. Thoroughly researched. Graceful and clear writing. De-bunks a lot of old patriarchal myths about sex and sets you up for an honest understanding of a beautiful thing.

  2. "Foreplay Radio", a podcast starring Laurie Watson (sex therapist) and George Faller (EFT therapist) — Engaging, funny, and creative. Their dialogue is very de-shaming and informative. Aimed primarily at married heterosexual couples, but educational for all!

  3. Bonk, the Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, a book by Mary Roach — (She also writes Stiff, the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, which I haven't read, but really want to!) This book is a fun and fascinating dive into some of the surprising science of sex.

  4. Come As You Are, a book by Emily Nagosaki - This is an amazing book focused primarily on female sexuality and makes it very clear that female sexuality is NOT male sexuality lite (as we've been taught for thousands of years). She also has incredible insight regarding stress.

  5. Jay Stringer, an author and speaker who has thoroughly researched the connection between attachment and our fantasies. I haven't read his book Unwanted, but I have listened to several podcasts on which he is a guest and have been blown away by his gentleness, vulnerability, and clear manner in which he talks about connection. I think anything he's associated with is probably going to be a good find. And he kicks the old "look away" education on porn in the teeth by helping us see the things we long for as a part of healing for our wounds.

Pick one of these up today. You won't regret it.

Unsplash photo cred: Michael Walk

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Have you read Beyond Shame? I just downloaded it. From a Christian perspective but not from purity culture.

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I have not—but I will check it out!

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Heidi Jones Loften
Heidi Jones Loften
01. Mai 2021

Thx for this! I have already shared with others 😉👍

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