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Open Eyes, Open Heart

Living twenty minutes from the capital of Walmart, you'd think I would interact with a kaleidoscope crowd, but the truth is that my world before effort is very homogenous: mostly middle-class cis white folk. It's easy to think everybody is like us.

So when I meet a different shade of people, a people who talk about tea and biscuits instead of milk and cookies, or someone who knows what it's like to eat rice and beans seven out of seven days, my ears perk up ...and I love it. The diversity of the world is really quite lovely and fascinating. There is no shortage of unique perspectives, you just have to be willing to look for them.

I am just finishing a book called, The Other Black Girl, something totally outside of my normal genres. It's entertaining and enlightening, ideas I'd never have thought of had I not read them. I found it on my local library's free digital audio app. Your library likely has one of those too.

Unsplash photo cred: Chris Curry

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