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Just Sit by Me

The thing that pisses me off the most about parenting is the entitlement of my children. At times I feel I am just an ATM to them. They come to me, asking for things, then when I say no, they stomp into the other room like ungrateful brats for the THOUSANDS of other things I have said yes to.

It makes me so mad, I sometimes lose my mind and chew their ears before I get ahold of myself and go to my own corner to cool off. I GIVE THEM SO MUCH. My whole life doesn't revolve around them, but I've set them up pretty well. I've been intentional. I've given up my money, my time, my energy, and my BODY for their survival and thriving and definitely privileged American lives. And I've done it all because I've wanted to.

I actually really like my kids. It's honestly not their thanks that I want. What I want is for them to enjoy me as much as I enjoy them. I want them to want to just sit by me. To actually like being with me, even if I have to tell them no.

Unsplash photo cred: Manuel Schinner

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