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How to Keep God in the God Position

There are 1000 things you can move into the God position in your life. You can love money more than God, your family, your power, your pleasure, your own glory. You can even put yourself in that role.

You can run your life as if you are the all-knowing, all-powerful queen of the universe (even when you are failing left and right). It's painful. It's lonely, but hey—you're playing God!

One of the most deceptive things I see slipping into the position of God is ministry. Living in a culture that highly values performance and productivity, it is very easy to believe a narrative that suggests I must sacrifice every thing for ministry. If anything gets in the way, throw it out: my family? my rest? my relationships? If they impede my ministry, THROW THEM OUT. Or as Mark Driscoll says, "If people fall off the bus, run over them" (paraphrasing).

But this is where we misunderstand the Christian God. The Christian God does not demand full-time (168 hours a week) ministry. In fact, that's appalling to Him, who set examples of this practically from day 1 (technically it was day 7). The Christian God invites partners. REALISTIC-sized partners. Human partners that get up and go with enthusiasm, but recognize their limits and settle down after going hard.

To skip out on the rest, to not understand that any work done for the Lord is also done WITH the Lord, to operate as if it all depends on me, is to effectually mis-cast the position of God. So if you accidentally got yourself up on that throne, you can go ahead and get off now.

Unsplash: Ashton Mullins

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