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Hard Decision Support

Some people think that going to counseling is getting advice from a wise sage who will tell you how to make your decisions and which direction to go in life. But it's not. There is definitely an element of education at times, (I.e. "Here's the current research on _______.") but a lot of effort goes into NOT giving advice.

It's important that clinicians allow their clients to make their own decisions. It's your problem. It's your life. It's your consequences. How could I respectfully take that away from you? How could I assume such authority when I am not the one having to live through the results?

My goal instead is to be with you as you make the decisions. My job is to help you clarify the problem AND the potential solutions. My job is to make sure you're not alone when the world is crashing down around you.

Unsplash Photo Cred: J Lee

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