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Face It

Some of the most strong willed people I know operate their lives as if nothing is certain unless you test it out first. They are constantly throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. To some they look crazy, risky, dumb, or obnoxious. But to me, they are brave.

What guts to step out of the comfortable into the unknown! Anyone can dream about what might be. Anyone can safely fantasize about (or fear!) potential scenarios. Only a small few will actually try.

Clients who embody this boldness are the most fun for me to work with. They trust fairly quickly and they also fail quickly and learn from it—which is the fastest road to success. They make progress with little effort on my part because they're so willing to work. They painfully face their shame and abolish it in the process. They inspire me to do my own work.

When you're ready, what will you face?

Unsplash: engin akyurt

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