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Certify My Pup

Some of you come in my office wanting me to guarantee that your pet is a legitimately therapeutic way for you to manage your heart, mind, and soul. I love that you are going this route. That you realize the great benefit of connecting with a healthy animal and that you get the way animals perceive and manage stressful situations. Animals do have a GREAT social advantage in perceiving the nuances of emotions in the bodies of others. And they are so sweet to pet. And they can be cuddly and friendly and faithful and loyal and protective.

I see this and I know it, through my own dogs. That's not the problem. The problem is that I can't stake my license and professional career on something I'm not trained, nor certified to do. I want to help you, I really do. But your apartment complex is asking me to vow that I have assessed and diagnosed not only your mental health, but also your competent judgement, the legitimacy of your desire, your needs over the needs of your neighbors', and the mental health and care skills of your animal! None of which do I have any authority to do.

Somebody jumped the gun on this one, guys. We gotta get some better clarity on who's running this show and how.

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