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Angry Black Men

Tell me one safe place that black men can get angry. As scary as anger is, it's necessary in the face of injustice. Just think of a dad protecting his daughter from a rabid dog. We WANT that guy to get angry, not say some calm, wussy, "Oh baby, don't worry, it's just a puppy." Anger is REASONABLE when someone's been harmed, threatened, hurt, stressed, or scared. So tell me, where can black men go with their anger?

Sports? Sure, except not all black men are athletes. Sex? No way. Calm conversations? Nope. They can't get you to listen if there's even a hint of pissed off in their voice. Church? I don't think so. We tell them Christian men are supposed to be calm and reserved. We get our feathers ruffled if someone gets loud. The streets? We send them to jail or kill them on the spot.

Maybe in a crowd of same-shaded faces? Then we shame them for destroying their own communities. Tell me, America—where can black men get angry? Appropriately angry for the wrong that's been done?

Unsplash Photo Cred: Cosmic Timetraveler

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