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If I ever go back to school, my doctorate research will be fun. Not fun because I like to do research. Hell no. Fun because that's what I want to research: fun. What's funny is that there are people who actually think research is fun, while it eats my lunch. And that's what I want to study…

  • What is it that makes things fun?

  • Why are some things so fun for some and not at all for others?

  • Why are we so different about fun?

  • And are there some things that everyone finds fun?

Fun is motivating. If I can figure out the secret to fun, I could motivate anyone. It would be a superpower. And that's what I really want… to rule the world.

***I have no idea why these hotdog pics keep showing up in my Unsplash feed, but it's making me laugh and I actually think they're kind of cool.

Unsplash photo cred: Ball Park Brand

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