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Time Crunch

Four months ago, my church, The Grove, invited me to prepare a teaching for the fall on healthy sexuality. I was pumped. I've been thinking about this for years, but have been busy writing my book Love Well. I told The Grove yes and then quickly set to work rallying a team of consultants and editors prepared to tackle the project quickly. I told them all it'd be a rush job, since my normal MO is "slow and steady wins the race" and I've NEVER written an extensive curriculum in less than a couple of years. But my people were on board and encouraging, so off we set.

We're now at the due date to have the manuscript in workbook form in time for the class. And I'm not done. Not even close. I busted my butt. I worked long hours. I sacrificed my leisure and my comfortable pace to make it happen. In fact, my brain feels very overwhelmed and my heart is tired. And it still isn't done.

It's just not my timeline. This isn't how I like to do things. I want to add in one thousand more edits and then walk through the whole thing slowly, rewriting it word by word to make it EXCELLENT. I want everything I attach my name to to be great! But in this case, it's ok. Not great. There's just no more time. But this is how it is. Apparently this is good enough. God says His power is made perfect in weakness—not perfection. I have to do what's needed, in the time that's available, with what I have. I have to trust that whatever happens God will use my willingness to accomplish whatever needs to happen.

Unsplash photo cred: Mark Basarab

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