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Take a Freaking Vacation

I just got back from Destin, Florida. I don't even really like the beach. But when I asked my family what they wanted to do, they all said, "The Beach," and since I like my family, that's where we went. I liked being with them. I liked seeing my friends. I liked having time to think without a schedule and breath slowly and eat good food that no one in my house had to cook. I liked that I started to miss my home and my work and my dog.

Just this year I started taking a week off every six weeks. Maybe that sounds privileged, but I make less than 100k/year. Maybe you think I'm a nut job or lazy, but I assure you this is a matter of life or death for me. I have to budget and plan and fiercely protect the boundaries around that week off every time. I have to tell a lot of people "No." Especially myself—because you know this girl loves to work.

Fifty-five percent of Americans don't use their paid vacation time. Seriously?!? (Google it). And did you know we're actually less productive when we don't rest? That means you could work three-hundred and sixty-five days a year accomplishing less than if you only worked three-hundred and thirteen.

We're made to work. It's incredibly fulfilling. We need to rest. I dare you to test the theory. Dare to take time off. A full twenty-four hours every week. A full week every six weeks. Budget for it. Plan for it. Take a freaking vacation.

Unsplash Photo Cred: Sean Oulashin

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