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My editor told me the thing I'm best at is asking questions. So I'm going to start asking you more. When I'm getting paid, it's called existential therapy. When I'm a student it's called philosophy. When I'm a teacher, it's called the socratic method. When I'm watching television, it's called Jeopardy. When I'm just a human it's called being a curious human.

She might be right, because asking questions is one of my favorite things to do. It's the easiest, quickest way to get the heat off of me. It's hitting the ball back. It's passing the buck. It's relinquishing power. It's turning the tables.

At any given time I probably have 1000 questions swimming around my head. It takes some serious work (and lots of $$ in therapy) to learn how to temporarily put them to sleep. Some call it anxiety. My son has the same gift (curse?). Except at his age, his filter's not developed enough to keep them from spilling out of his mouth. His running monologue is annoying, but amazing.

So my anxiety is a gift to you, reader. To help you think. To give you power. To engage your voice.

What will be your gift to me?

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Loved this and questions (sometimes)

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