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Professional - Apolitical

Today I had people in my office on vastly different ends of the political spectrum. If they'd all been here at the same time, I may have had a fight on my hands in the waiting room. It's fine that they come from such different perspectives. It's fine that they value such different things. It would not be fine for me to overtly align with any of them. There is no appropriate room for my political opinions in the conversations in my office.

I titled this "apolitical" rather than "unpolitical" because I can't be personally unpolitical. I can't not care about political ideas. How I feel about government is important and needs to be discussed productively. My office just isn't the place to do it. I can and should develop my own opinions on health and healing and effective community living, but those opinions don't belong in my client's ears. That's not what they show up here for, and probably not what they show up to your office for either.

Preaching in a professional setting is vastly unprofessional, unless your clientele are paying you to preach. Usually, when people show up to get their car detailed or their groceries provided or their teeth cleaned, those are the things they're wanting from you… not your opinions. Therefore, preaching your emotionally charged opinions is distracting from the task at hand—the task you're being paid to accomplish.

If I realy want to be productive in helping my community heal, I need to start with my own personal wrestling, and then humbly, gently move my wrestling into conversations with people in my close community. People I trust deeply, at a personal level, so we can wrestle honestly and vulnerably and openly—rather than from a fight position.

Unsplash photo cred: Adam Rhodes

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