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Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love to run, hit, jump, race, and beat my opponents. There's something very primal about overcoming an object that stands in the way of victory. It comes with a rush of both adrenaline and survival. When I play, I see my opponent as an enemy, but not as inhuman.

Even if I lose, I can still laugh and joke after the match. I can give an honest high-five and drink a beer with someone from the other team. We're able to have fun because our rivalry exists only inside the arena and does not include death or harm. This is the difference between sports and war.

In war, humans become objects without souls. They are JUST obstacles to success, ultimate power, and domination. We stop seeing hearts, families, and preciousness. In fact, in order to accomplish such vicious destruction most militaries now train with psychological tactics to trick the human mind into forgetting their enemy's humanity.

This is not only true in literal war (with guns and battleships and fighter jets), but also in subliminal war, like racism, consumerism, and tribalism. People before us become objects to use, defeat, or deal with; things rather than humans. We forget hearts and common souls. Whose humanity is easy for you to forget?

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