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My People

My most recent big writing project pushed me in very uncomfortable ways. It had to happen quickly. It was over an inflammatory, delicate subject. Most of my material is self-learned. My primary editor didn't have the bandwidth to help. I'm still in the hole from my last writing project. And yet, it felt right to do it.

To succeed my only option was to reach out desperately to my people. I called my mentor, my best friends, and my muse of a graphic designer, Myranda Rogers. Editor #2 was a strikeout, so I moved on to the untested, inexperienced option #3—who joyfully said yes (timid as she was)!

My team rallied. They stepped up and did what they could, even though they didn't always feel confident. They all did incredibly good, hard work. They were available to me. They sacrificed. They prioritized the work to make it happen—all without pay. They protected me and cheered me on. And in the final hour even my father-in-law jumped in, speed reading to help.

This is what it looks like to live in community. Agreeing to work together for a greater good, showing up for each other. Here's to this project blessing many and enabling healing. The Truth about Holy Sex: A Workbook for People who Love Jesus and Want to Love Sex is coming out this fall at The Grove Church, starting September 8. Sign up here.

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