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How to Increase Dialogue

I've been meeting with a friend lately who is pretty explicitly political. I wanted to talk with her to better understand where she was coming from. I frankly don't understand much about how the government actually functions and I am VERY skeptical of anyone who seems pushy. You could even say I'm apathetic and completely burnt out on trusting the political system.

But I have seen my friend in action. I know her heart. She is generous and hard working and honest. She cares about people both theoretically and practically. To be this outspoken on political things, I figure she must know some things I don't.

Once we talked, I asked her for some of her sources so I could check them out myself. So now I'm reading and listening to things I've never even heard of, let alone been interested in.

Here's the problem I'm seeing: it sure looks like one side is yelling about what they call "effective government functioning" (which they also call "capitalism") while the other is yelling about what they call "social justice." They BOTH do a lovely job of accusing the other side of being idiot bigots. What I can't understand is why these things are being pitted as opposites—as if they can't both exist at the same time. One tauts itself as "rational" and the other "compassionate" as if something can't be both rational AND compassionate.

I'm fully aware of the risk of abusive power injustices in communism. I have seen the same math as you: it doesn't work. I'm also fully aware of the risks of greed within capitalism. As a small business owner, I have felt the sting of consumerism. Is there any miraculous way we might agree that BOTH have risks and therefore NEITHER are fully effective forms of government?

Don't hear me campaigning for anyone in particular. What I am campaigning for is better dialogue. Kinder, more respectful dialogue. Value in the each other's humanity. Dare I ask for a bit of TRUST in the other side's perspective? Just a bit? More practical dialogue. Less fear mongering. Less hate. More careful conclusions. More thorough compassion.

The two things in this world that wield the most power are fear and knowledge. Unfortunately fear seems to be everyone's favorite weapon of choice. Can we please use knowledge instead? How about honesty? In the name of Jesus, humility?

Unsplash: Joel Filipe

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