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Good In, Bad Out

When trying to heal, humans beings need to develop two essential processes.

  1. Good In

  2. Bad Out

Seems simple enough, but most of us struggle with one or both of these.

Just like any living organism, we can't function without regularly consuming some "good." Yes, that includes food, but really I'm talking about food for the soul—joy, love, peace, stimulation, fun, etc. If you're constantly working and pouring out of yourself, clawing away at life, performing and sacrificing for others, you WILL eventually run out of steam. There needs to be at least a few spaces in your life where you can fill back up, have some fun and be loved for who you are, not what you do. This needs to happen REGULARLY, probably a lot more regularly than you think, especially if you've grown up in a culture (ahem, all of us) that pushes performance as the one valued way to exist.

On the other side, we all need an excrement process. As hard as we try to limit it, the bad tends to just seep into our pores at times. The government is unjust. People are mean. Systems are broken. AND we often crash and burn on our own volition. With all this "bad" coming in, we'll fade toxic unless we take action. Our bodies naturally produce energy to manage this bad, but if we don't do something with it, that energy itself rots us from the inside out. We've got to find ways to let out, get out, push out the yuck we experience. Check out this podcast for some ideas.

So how do you do it? I'd love to hear. How do you get the good in? The bad out?

Unsplash: Pawel Czerwinski

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