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Your Kids Need You

I want my kids to face the world with confidence. I want them to anticipate the challenges that come and be unafraid to try. I know they won't always get it right, but I want them to have a good shot at winning, and know how to recover when they don't.

That's why I teach them about everything I can, including my own failures. Now before you go assuming I'm a homeschool mom—we're proud public school people. I have been impressed with the effort of our local schools and teachers to give my kids a great education. They do more with most subjects than I could ever do. I am thankful for their invaluable contributions to my kids' lives.

But there are some things I'm not leaving up to them: namely, my kids' social development, identity, and sex-education. Those are MY job. Those subjects are too complex and I'm just not confident the diverse public can keep them un-political. I want to be the one to show my kids how life is worth living. I want them to read straight from my own life the values that bring joy, peace and thriving in our community.

And as wonderful as our teachers are—your kids need YOU too. They need your attention, your attunement, your ear, and your graceful failures. YOU (who loves them the most) are most qualified to set them on a solid path.

Unsplash: Pierre Jeanneret

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