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Parenting is a Mind-Cuss

I am finding launching a child into the big wide world to be so precarious. I believe she can do it, but I have my doubts. She thinks she can do it, but she has her doubts. We're in this dance stepping away to let her struggle (and learn) then tiptoeing in to offer help (but not too much). She wants our help and then again she doesn't. She needs our support, but she doesn't want to need it.

I am constantly in doubt that either we won't help her enough or that we're helping her too much. It's really just an extension of the same dance we've been dancing her whole life. Parenting is a mind-cuss!

Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, you know this dilemma. And you don't dare judge others who are in equally delicate balances and often getting it wrong. Wishing the best for you out there! Know that not one of us (even those of us collegiately trained in human development and working in the field of marriage and family therapy for fifteen years) is fully confident about this task.

Unsplash: Taylor Sondegroth

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