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What are women like?

I hear...

"Women are beautiful."

"Women are bad drivers."

"Women are crazy bitches."

"Women are no different than men."

"Women have an important perspective."

"Women are good at keeping people connected."

"Women are always making you wait."

"Women are here for my pleasure."

"Women are too emotional."

"Women are equal to men."

"Women are confusing."

What do you say? What are women like?

I hear a lot more negative things about women than I hear positive. If I'm allowed to be equal, but different; good, but not better or worse, how do I love who I am without putting you down? Is it even ok to be different? Is it even possible to categorize myself with a lot of other unique individuals without over-simplifying my personhood? What is it that we have in common (if anything!) besides our chromosomes or our self-proclaimed identity?

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