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Wise Ones

Just because you...

  1. have a degree,

  2. are older than me,

  3. have more money than me,

  4. have something you want to tell me about how to live,

…doesn't mean you I want to hear your sage advice.

The people I consider wise...

  1. are quieter.

  2. have been through some things.

  3. don't seem like they think they're awesome. They know they don't know some stuff.

  4. answer slowly.

  5. don't talk about things they know nothing about, except to ask honestly curious questions (not baiting, leading questions).

  6. let life's difficulties be difficult (instead of oversimplifying them or over-spiritualizing them).

  7. aren't quick to give advice (instead, they wait for me to ask).

If you're that kind of person, I want to hear from you. I need to hear from you. I would be lost without the gentle quiet words from wise people who know. Your humility is healing in itself. Thanks for being my friend.

Unsplash photo cred: Daniel Joshua

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