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Wide Range

Who are your influences? Do you only listen to the people around you? Or do you deliberately seek out people who are far away? If someone sees things differently, do you take the time to figure out why? And what things look like from their perspective?

It's pretty clear how much we like to hear affirmation for what we already think, so most media platforms are designed to get more attention from you by feeding you what you like, taking you further and further into whatever wormhole you prefer. It's also just easier to passively accept your current view. The problem with this is that at some point in the wormhole, reality gets warped. We begin to lose perspective on which direction is up and which is down. We no longer remember that our own experience is not universal—that the wormhole isn't the whole world.

What would you have to do to see the other side of the landscape? Whose story don't you know already? How could you hear their stories told from their own voices?

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