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Who Gives a Care?

Do you know anyone who has spent much of their life caring for someone else? A parent? A spouse? A child?

You might think, "How in the world did they get roped into that gig?" Giving up their whole life to orbit around someone else? Neglecting their own needs for the black hole that some souls are? Missing out on every fun thing, just so someone else can survive, sometimes in the midst of personal abuse and neglect? I would never accept that role.

Or maybe you think, "Wow. What an honorable sacrifice." Serving and loving another more than themselves. Living for something bigger, something more comprehensive than a self-centered life. Letting go of pride and ego to the betterment of others. I want to be like that some day.

Or maybe you don't even think about it. Because that's not your life. You've never had someone you loved that was in that type of dire need. Or that desperation. Or that torture. Maybe you don't consider those people, or the people who care for those people. Maybe it's easier not to think about them.

But if you CAN think about them for one minute… and imagine that was the role you were cast in, what would you want from the world, so you didn't disappear into the role? How would you want to be cared for, caregiver? If people actually cared about you, how would they help you, love you, see you?

Know any caregivers who need to be cared for?

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