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Watching Birds

I am an old person now. A bird nerd. I sat still today for two hours, toggling back and forth between the birds out my window and my Audubon Society App to identify the creatures flitting around my home in the woods.

I realize that makes me boring. I kept asking my virtually learning prodigies if they thought that was a House Sparrow or a Bachman's Sparrow—to which they replied with a blank stare.

Maybe you're nodding off hearing about it, but I was having so. much. fun. I held my breath. I leaned in closer. I sat perfectly still trying to discern the tiny details differentiating one species from another in the mere seconds they paused on my bird feeder. I was AMAZED at their behavior and intricate beauty—things I have never before noticed because I never stopped to pay attention.

I don't think I get enough of this kind of thing: meditating on the little pieces of creation. I think my heart loves the stillness, the joys hiding in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered.

Unsplash photo cred: Boris Smokrovic

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