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For a long time I thought that my story was boring. Normal things happen to me. My parents are nice. I have a decent job that I like. I have some good friends. I have good days and hard days. I, for the most part, have what I need. I'm pretty privileged actually.

I once made up a ridiculous story about a man driving crazy down my neighborhood street with an open briefcase full of cash (how could I have even seen that anyway?!?) just because I felt nothing interesting ever happened to me.

But the longer I'm alive, the more I believe that every person's story is interesting. My story maybe isn't that interesting up close, in the every day, but if you can back up and focus your eyes just right, you can see this super cool collage of movement and heartache and healing.

That's what my story is really about. My upcoming book Love Well is my story.

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Cass Harris
Cass Harris
Oct 19, 2020

This is so great!!

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