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The Terror of Grieving

Grief is the process of letting go of the old in order to embrace the new.

But like trying to ungrip your hand from a lifeline, it's often ridiculously hard and physically painful. If for years you have depended on a belief, a value, or an element of pride, you most likely won't be able to let go quickly, even if hanging on causes you pain and harm. After all—who cares if your hand is burning and your arm feels like it's about to rip off when it's a lifeline?

Physical beauty, cultural religion, bodily youth, and habits of character are all good examples. They often feel like "who we are" rather than "things we do," essential to our souls despite their fickleness.

But take heart—you are more than "what you do" and you can grow and develop your whole life. In fact our ability to heal is one of the most beautiful elements of humanity. Do the work to take that step forward.

Unsplash: Ave Calvar

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