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The Mix of Church and Business

Most organized local churches can be considered places of spiritual connection AND businesses. The degree to which they do both of those well determines their success. You can be great people, loving, accepting, and open, and still fail miserably if you're not running your business well. People WILL get hurt.

Unfortunately (from my position in the counseling office) I hear about a lot of churches that are run VERY poorly as businesses. Too much power in the hands of an incompetent leader, not enough accountability, unspecific job descriptions, mishandling of budgets, unclear business goals, poor communication among employees etc. While many might think, "But we shouldn't have to be good at business, God is in charge!" they completely neglect the commands to be good stewards and ethical partners in relationship with God.

If the God we follow is good, we should be doing our best to be good as well. Shifting the responsibility to the Almighty alone just looks like victim-mentality immaturity.

Needing grace for our failures does not excuse repetitive bad behavior.

We need to do better Church! If you don't know how to run your business well—learn. It is for freedom you have been set free; why are you still moping around tied to your old incompetencies. God is offering you a chance to change!

Unsplash: Max Lissendon

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