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Being married to someone who's REALLY different from me gives me the pleasure of being connected to a world I would otherwise know nothing about. I grew up listening to yacht rock and outlaw country. He grew up with gospel and then back room alternative. I was a child of happy life yuppies. He is actually cool.

We send each other recommendations from time to time on stuff that's interesting to us and I find it fascinating what he discovers without me. As a musician he loves to learn more about that industry, but even more, he loves to hear about the art of song writing. I love to tell stories. So Tanya Tucker is our current crush. He sent me this Broken Record podcast, a collaboration with Brandi Carlile (also fav) and Rick Rubin.

The stories just flow right off then end of Tanya's tongue. In fact, I don't think she answers a single question straight out… she just tells a story instead. Multiple times I could hear a song lyric just in the beautiful, humble way she phrases her life. A storyteller at heart. Give it a listen.

(By the way, if you haven't read my stories yet, find them here.)

Unsplash photo cred: HUA LING

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