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My kids and my husband think it's real funny that I was in a sorority in college. It was a good one. Smart women. High performing. As diverse as it could be for a pretty unilateral university. There's nothing inherently wrong with sororities. In fact, I know quite a few women who've gained tremendously from the social connections they have made there. I just don't fit the stereotype very well.

At the time, the problem was that I didn't feel good about having test prep that non-members didn't have. And I couldn't keep myself from using it. I didn't like losing two weeks of my summer to learning cheers and practicing secret handshakes and prepping for a very strategic intense popularity contest. I liked the women. I liked the food! I liked the cheaper rent and the safety of a built in crowd. I just couldn't handle spending so much time obviously judging the worth of other women.

The worst part is that even though sororities do this overtly, we ALL do it covertly. That's what social acuity is—being able to discern who in the crowd you need to make friends with in order to survive.

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so true!

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