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Pay for GOOD Art

Everyone is an artist. Everyone has a story to tell. And everyone should figure out how to tell their story, through some form of art. So why would I pay for art, if I'm an artist too, and nobody's paying me for my art? I mean, for real. Most of the work I do—even for you, here—is volunteer.

I'm ok doing this volunteer art work. I'm ok with it because it's good for me and good for you, even if I don't get paid. But to be honest, I don't know how long I will do it, if the "good for me" runs out. I just have limits y'all. And that's true about all the good work we do—if you're not being compensated fairly, you burn out.

You should pay for art, because when someone does their work to figure out who they are and then they've taken the time, energy, and sometimes money to figure out how to tell their story in a beautiful way that inspires others and help others experience something good, they are doing us all a huge favor. They're healthier people! They contribute more! They bless and do not curse! They bring light into the world and are available to help others! The reveal hidden truths and soothe difficult pain!

Not all artists are healthy, but the best artists do incredibly hard work to present you with their gift. They soul search and discipline themselves and then take the huge risk of being vulnerable.

If we want them to keep doing this good work, we should reward them. Pay for good art.

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