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Other People's Parties

This weekend we hosted a party for my niece's husband (I know that sounds odd, but he's older than my husband, so it's just weird for us to call him "nephew," even though he's totally family). Oh and did I mention that I loved hosting someone else's party?

All I had to do was thoroughly clean my house (which I need a regular reason to do, or else I won't), obey orders from the decorators, and pick tomatoes off my vines outside. I didn't have to make any decisions. I didn't have to plan. I didn't have to purchase. I didn't have to entertain (though I did chat with a few friends and strangers). When I wanted to go outside and just sit alone on my porch while things buzzed inside, I did just that.

I'm pretty sure people enjoyed themselves too. A bunch of people I don't know laughed, caught up, and celebrated. They ate. They drank. And then they went home and I crashed in my bed hard. It was a really fun day. I think I could get used to just playing the support role.

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