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My Friend Ruby

My neighbor is 6. I was there the day she came screaming into the world. Don't tell my other neighbors, but today she's my favorite. She has been taking care of me for the past few days, since I've been grounded on the couch. She comes over to check on me. She painted my toenails a lovely shade of mermaid. She dances for me and tells me all about the fun things she's done over Thanksgiving break. She fetches me water. She played a game with me where one friend would draw something and then the other friend would guess what it was. She stumped me a few times, but I also think she was mostly letting me win. Then she wrote me a story. Here it is for your reading pleasure...

Ruby and Brandi Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Brandi and she had a broken leg and this girl named Ruby came along and she helped her so much and they were so happy together!

—written by Ruby Tucker

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