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Mission Questions #7: Who? How?

Experiencing evangelism has brought me to wonder if anyone is doing it well. While I've met many that do it poorly, I've met a covert few who seem to have some things figured out. I've thought a lot about those who met me while in enemy territory. At first glance, those evangelists blended right into the crowd, but getting to know them I realized they had unlocked some secrets of love I had yet to master. What can I learn from them if I am to accept this calling?

If you are a convert to faith in Jesus, who introduced you? What won you over?

One thing I'm confident about is the interconnectedness of the web I was embraced by. You might recognize it as the Body of Christ: incredibly diverse, multifaceted. The most powerful part of their ministry was their love for one another. If am going to join in this calling, embracing them and working with them will be key to any kind of success; separation will mean failure.

When you step into foreign territory, who do you find there already working?

What can you learn from them?

Unsplash: Vidar Nordii-Matheson

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